Dr. Ray Johansen, DMD

"Our practice is dedicated to providing the highest quality dentistry in a caring environment."

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Our office is equipped with the latest technology and a friendly knowledgeable staff. We are located just east of downtown Santa Barbara. To inquire about an appointment call us or fill out the form below.

Office Hours and Location
  • Monday, Tuesday & Thursday: 8am - 5pm
  • Wednesday - Closed
  • Friday: 8am - noon
  • 601 E. Arrellaga St., Suite 202
  • Santa Barbara, CA 93103
  • Phone: (805) 962-6058
  • Fax: (805) 962-3948
  • Email:ray@dr-johansen.com

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Please feel free to use the contact form below to inquire about an appointment. Contact form is only for general purpose inquires. Please DO NOT send any personal health information through the contact form.

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